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About XDEV Web Builder

XDEV Web Builder is a free GUI builder for Vaadin, which enables you to create modern and great looking user interfaces for the web and for mobile devices by using drag-and-drop. XDEV Web Builder also allows you to describe your interfaces with XML declaratively. You can switch between drag-and-drop and XML code at any time, because XDEV Web Builder works bidirectionally. After any changes, XDEV Web Builder finally generates Java code based on Vaadin, which Vaadin developers usually have to write by hand. So, XDEV Web Builder enables designers to create great looking web interfaces based on Vaadin, without the need to be a Java developer, saves a lot of time, and reduces the costs of your Vaadin projects.

XDEV Web Builder was initially developed for the Eclipse distribution RapidClipse. For this reason the RapidClipse variant has dependencies to the RapidClipse framework and provides its own UI component palette which extends the original Vaadin UI components. Because of, Vaadin developers mostly prefer to use original Vaadin UI controls, we have separated the GUI builder from the RapidClipse project and released as a stand-alone GUI builder for Vaadin.

XDEV Web Builder runs on the Eclipse platform and can be installed as any other Eclipse plugin.

About Vaadin

Vaadin is a Java UI framework, which enables Java developers to write web applications completely in Java. Vaadin provides a server-side architecture. The entire web-client is generated dynamically by the Vaadin servlet, so developers don't get in contact with HTML and JavaScript. In addition to that, Vaadin cares for things like DOM manipulation, browser history and for the entire client-server communication automatically, which simplifies the entire web-development. Vaadin provides a UI component palette created with GWT (formerly Google Web-Toolkit). You can also write your own custom Vaadin componentes with GWT.